I take a deep, staggered breath to calm the storm within As the world hangs suspended. Photo by Tony Dearwester on Unsplash In quiet moments, I release an angry, burning fire rising from air-filled lungs. My body floats through air Breathing again as I soar out of this place of shadows. Where my outstretched arms burnContinue reading “Stardust”

The Birthday Party

A poem about hope for inclusion Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash I came as a soldier and peacemaker. Fighting a battle on my own But many fight along with me. I came here knowing fully we would stick out Like a wayward boat in the sea. I came here with hope That they’ll see sheContinue reading “The Birthday Party”

Reflect — Receive — Rejoice

Mantras to Start Your Day Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash I can take the first stepHope is stronger than fearI can begin each day with purpose. I can make a differenceLet the light shine inIt only takes one spark to change the dark. I can do hard thingsObstacles give me strengthThis mountain was made toContinue reading “Reflect — Receive — Rejoice”