I take a deep, staggered breath
to calm the storm within
As the world hangs suspended.

Photo by Tony Dearwester on Unsplash

In quiet moments, I release
an angry, burning fire
rising from air-filled lungs.

My body floats through air
Breathing again as I soar
out of this place of shadows.

Where my outstretched arms
burn through atmosphere
past stars, sun, and moonlight.

It is in this celestial space where
I no longer see the
hurt that once followed me.

Way up in the cosmos
A tiny drop in a big universe
where I turn into stardust again.

© Joellen Goth, 2021


Published by elleinbloom

Hi, I'm a mom of two, passionate about writing, travel, and mental health. I feel the most powerful in my garden.

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