For Every Decision, You Have A Choice

Stress isn’t what kills you, it is the way you handle it.

Photo by Ismael Paramo on Unsplash

When You Let Your Stress Bury You

You become so tired and you do so little of what fills you. Day after day, the jolting alarm clock comes way too soon. The bad dream you had extends into the day from which you are unable to wake up. The stress and doubt set in, and your brain is transported into fight or flight mode even before you get out of bed.

As you get ready, you see your partner reach out to you for a hug and it puts you in a sour mood. You seek comfort in the hollow spaces of social media. You are late for work after a mindless scroll.

As you head out, you see your neighbor walking down the street but you stare right through him. You feel like you are driving off to hell living the same nightmare over again. Every day you tell yourself you want to quit.

Before you consider running away or quitting your job, perhaps we can rewind your day and see what you have the power to change. Even just changing one simple thing can be a catalyst for a better day.

For in every decision, you have a choice.

It isn’t the stress that kills you, it is the way you handle it. Take the time to learn effective ways to help control your stress, rather than letting stress control you. Some examples would be spending part of your day walking, doing breathing techniques, and practicing affirmations. All of these will help bring forth that positive energy you were looking for.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

When You Use Stress as Your Stepping Stone

Stress can be useful to help produce change. Use stress to put a fire in your belly. There is something out there waiting for you. Each day is an opportunity to discover and learn something new.

Focus on the simple beauty around you. The sun has come up again, and the birds are singing their serenade outside of your window. Throw away that alarm clock and use a sunrise alarm.

Your partner is your beacon and together you melt in an embrace. The energy lifts around you. The love you were looking for is growing inside of you.

You put away your phone and focus on the day before you. Your tasks seem effortless without so many distractions. It is amazing how productive you can be when you are in the flow.

As you drive off to work, you see your neighbor and wave hello. He smiles back at you. Just that brief connection gives you a little lift. You drive to work content.

What does a flower need to bloom?

It needs enough water and adequate sun. For some, you don’t even need good soil because a flower can bloom even through concrete.

You have the power to change everything. It all lies in you.

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.” ― Christine Caine


If you believe you or another individual is suffering from mental issues, seek professional help immediately.


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