The Birthday Party

A poem about hope for inclusion

Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

I came as a soldier and peacemaker.
Fighting a battle on my own
But many fight along with me.

I came here knowing fully
we would stick out
Like a wayward boat in the sea.

I came here with hope
That they’ll see she is more
than a stoic reverie.

I came here for the opportunity
to grow, to teach, and learn
To help those who do not see.

I came here for my daughter
who lights up at the sight of cake
Her smile bursting like confetti.

I came here despite my fear
that looms deep within
As two introverts join the party.

© Joellen Goth 2021

Published by elleninbloom

Hi, I'm a mom of two, passionate about writing, travel, and mental health. I feel the most powerful in my garden.

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