You Are Worthy in Every Stage of Your Life

There is only one of you in the whole Universe

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

We may be perfect strangers, you and I.

One thing I know for certain about you is that you are worthy. When you were born, someone celebrated because you came into this world. Someone held your hand and marveled at the strength of your grasp.

As you grew out of the toddler years and soaked up knowledge, you tested boundaries and made new discoveries on your own. In many ways, you were fearless.

Maybe it was when you were a teenager that you started listening to the naysayers. Those who told you that you could not do something. The ones who thought they had all the answers. Do you know what? They didn’t know more than you, they just wanted to look like they did.

Just remember the people who were often called bullies had their own inner battles too. They just hid behind a mask. In many ways, you were stronger.

As you grew into an adult, you may have thought you were alone in the world. I felt the same way. What if we all feel the same loneliness? How ironic that we could all be connected by sharing this feeling of isolation.

I am so thankful that you continue to reach out and stand back up again despite it all. That you continue to help those around you while seeking help yourself.

You know the true meaning of kindness. You often lend people your strength instead of reminding them of their weaknesses. You caused a ripple and your act of kindness carried on.

Photo by Tomasz Sroka on Unsplash

It is amazing how when you call upon the Universe, the Universe answers in its synchronicity.

Maybe you needed a reminder today that you are worthy and that you matter in this world. I believe we all do.

Let’s continue on this path of life and see what adventures are ahead.


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Hi, I'm a mom of two, passionate about writing, travel, and mental health. I feel the most powerful in my garden.

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